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Top Leadership

Top Leadership

Lecture 8: So far, you’ve told several leadership stories. Why?

It’s important that you think up several stories you can use to make leadership points with others. Stories are:

  • Powerful messaging devices
  • Our brains are wired to receive stories
  • No one argues with a story
  • Stories convey emotion and emotion is stronger than logic
  • When you think up stories to tell, you reflect on the past – learning from your past makes you a better leader.

TIPS: Make you stories concise (2-5 minutes), make a solid leadership point, include some struggle or conflict, use vivid language, never make yourself the hero, and practice.

Bonus: When you give or get feedback project it into the future not the past. The receiver’s brain thinks it is getting help rather than blame.


PDF - L8 Printable Slides On Storytelling
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