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Lecture 18: The Nudge. Now you can challenge others!

You can think of great leadership as 4 + 1 behaviors because there is a required order . Your first four behaviors build safety trust, and clarity, after all valuing others, inviting participation, giving, and connecting to employees with deep communication is what energizes and engages employees. But leadership is more than inspiration so you want to apply a Nudge or challenge to take advantage of the higher energy level the four behaviors created . One mistake many new managers make is challenging employees first before preparing employees for the challenge.

The second rule is make sure you don’t inflict social pain with your challenge. That means you take special care to avoid humiliating, assaulting status, giving any perception of unfairness, and inadvertently creating a feeling of loss of control for your employees.

Examples of good nudges include:

Giving homework: “Please get back to me in a week with three good improvement ideas.” Always try to give employees a heads up.

When asking and employee come to your office, let them know the subject of the discussion. That reduces angst.

Use fair and clear accountability approaches such as simple, mutually agreed upon metrics and milestones.

Ask open ended questions, and use guiding principles rather than rules.

Use positive follow-up to ensure the nudge is working.


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