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Lecture 10: The three things that block that you from being a great leader

Three things block us from carrying out these simple leadership behaviors: Cognizance, Distraction, and Habit.

Cognizance is a catch all for everything psychological: your personality, your level of self awareness, and a whole array of human cognitive biases. The first rule of leadership is “Know Thyself,” so the antidote for this barrier is getting realistic feedback, taking psychological assessments, and reflecting.

Distraction comes from all things unimportant like e-mail and meetings. It’s a global and growing managerial problem. Antidotes: Everyone is in the same boat so mutually discuss e-mail and meeting truces, Set 15 to 20 minutes aside on your calendar for carrying out the four leadership behaviors, and google time saving best practices in high performing organizations. Use them all to take a bite out of this monster.

Habits are a huge leadership barrier. Your brain does not want you to break a habit, so trick it. Antidote: Perform your leadership behaviors in the morning when will power is strongest, take small steps at first, and use visuals to track and goad yourself, such as progress boards, check lists, or to-do lists.

NB: Overcoming these three barriers is crucial to you becoming a great leader!

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